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Speed dating is a fun, easy and safe way to meet up to 20 people in one night.

Harveys Cellar, Wed 08 Oct
Harveys Cellar, Wed 10 Dec

Bristol Dating Venues
Bristol is filled with great date places where you can fan the flames of romance and sweep your special someone off his or her feet.

Travel Guide to Bristol
Bristol is a prime example of what a modern, flourishing British city looks like. It is located near the sea, has a rich history of commerce and was once a major hub for the manufacture and trade of tobacco, paper, print and packaging.

History of Bristol
Archaeological finds at Shirehampton and St Annes indicate that people had settled in the Bristol area as early as the Palaeolithic era, some 60,000 years ago. Hill forts dating back to the Iron Age can also be found at Clifton Down and Leigh Woods.